After many years spent in the specialised information management industry, but using nearly 30 years of experience in developing library and media management systems, Esferico ltd. are returning to Library Management in education with the Pergamon range of software.

Initially delivering systems to Primary School, Pergamon Mu heralds only the first of a scaled range of desktop systems with the same cross-platform, multi-lingual and easy to use interfaces, and built on both single-use and multi-user database environments, to be followed by web and mobile based extensions.

Esferico have traditionally cultivated library use and participation in their market area, so it comes as no surprise that Mu hits the market at a very cost effective price point, without hidden costs, and distributed in a manner that the main client range - primary schools - traditional trust and with whom they may interact on a daily basis. Indeed part of the sales price goes to local School Library Services, while another part goes to the not-for-profit bodies representing school library services as a whole, nationwide.