The following links have been provided for easy download, without the need to log into the Esferico website.

Please note, that these files are either encrypted themselves, contain encrypted data, and/or are otherwise useless to anyone who does not have a licensed Esferico ltd. product installed.

Pergamon HUB (Local)

Download the current release of the Pergamon HUB file (2018-05-03, 80mb): Click to Download

Extract ZIP file, copy resulting PergamonHUB-local.sqlite file into top level directory of your management system installation (the same directory as your Pergamon.sqlite database file). Turn on 'Search PergamonHUB' in the Catalogue Items manager menu.

Special note: This version of Pergamon HUB-Local requires a minimum of Pergamon MU v1.2.2

Pergamon Bison - Standalone Installer

The PergamonMu v1.2.2 installer (login to see the full products  download page) contains the latest release of BISON. If you have an older version of Pergamon on your system (including releases of v1.2.2 without Bison), or a non-installer version (such as on a Mac or Linux box) please download the latest release of the Pergamon BISON software (v1.2) here:

  • Option 1: If you previously installed Pergamon MU using a standard windows installer (standard from v1.2.2), please use this BISON Standalone Installer.

    Download Windows Release: Bison v1.2 Installer Download Apple Mac Release: Not currently available Download Linux Release: Not currently available Download Android Release: Not currently available Download Raspberry Pi Release: Not currently available

  • Option 2: If you previously installed Pergamon MU from a ZIP download (most common before v1.2.0) or from a Mac DMG/PKG file, please use the following Zip files and copy the resulting BISON files into your Pergamon MU installation folder (where PergamonMu.exe is located):

    Download Windows Release: Bison v1.6 zip Download Apple Mac Release: Pergamon Bison v1.3.0 ZIP Download Linux Release: Not currently available Download Android Release: Not currently available Download Raspberry Pi Release: Not currently available

Please see the Pergamon Wiki for installation instructions. If you are updating from a previous version, please remember to make a backup copy of your database first.

Please remember that any installation of Bison is dependant upon the existence of a fully licensed Pergamon database - it can not be used in isolation away from a Pergamon installation.


Digital Signing

From PergamonMu v1.3.0 for Mac, all Mac DMG files and installed applications are digitally signed. No external appearance indicates that this is the case, but without this digital signing the download will not be able to start and will warn you if any tampering has taken place or if the certificate has expired or been revoked.

From PergamonMu v1.2.2 for Windows all installers for all applications and applications are digitally signed to show that the application is guaranteed to have come directly from Esferico, and also has not been tampered with after publication.

On Windows only, in order to check whether the installation that you have downloaded is authentic:

  • right-click the installer file and select Properties
  • If the file is digitally signed, you will have an additional tab displayed on the file properties window called 'Digital Signatures' (or similar - it has varied in different versions of Windows). Select this tab.
  • You should see a list of digital signatures embedded in the file - at minimum, you should see the Esferico ltd. signature. If you wish, select the signature and select 'View Certificate' to see the details.

If you do not see this certificate in a post-PergamonMu v1.2.2 file, do not install it and contact Esferico ltd for advice.


Virus and other Malware Reports

Virus checkers look for a wide range of malware and very often do so using 'signatures' - sequences of numbers in a file that match those contained in a virus. Essentially, they work by looking for patterns. Unfortunately, you will also get these same signatures appearing in perfectly ordinary files - we regularly get them here in files from Adobe, Microsoft and Apple even though we know that the files are perfectly safe.

While all files uploaded to the Server are checked for viruses by at least three different mechanisms, and are digitally signed, users still occasionally have a 'false positive' reported by their virus software. Usually, by just one virus checker while most others just let the file through.

If you get such a report however, always err on the side of caution - do not use the file, tell us what file is raising the flag (we can sometimes re-compile or repackage the file and the offending signature disappears), and we will provide a one-off alternative means for accessing the software via a different route.