The Esferico ProjectBoard application is a secure, online project management tool for both individuals and teams which incorporates elements of a strong project management oversight, Scrum and KanBan into an easy to use and scalar system to help plan and monitor project management.

In the late 1980's, our founder was part of a civil service team using the PRINCE project management system to deliver projects within what is now the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office. PRINCE was a product of its times and ideally suited to the delivery of large systems in a civil service environment and to thousands of clients, but Craig is one of the first to admit that while it has seen an adoption across a wide range of companies, the UK Government and the UN establishment, there are times when PRINCE is simply far too big to implement for many projects and team sizes, especially projects being created and delivered by single developers.

Luckily, since that time we have had the Agile revolution, and while many of the Agile products themselves have 'faults' or make a number of key assumptions about the nature of the development team, it has shown that there are alternative ways to manage complex, heavily documented project management systems.


ProjectBoard was originally designed as an internal application for use by Esferico, and has been used extensively in Esferico software development programs. ProjectBoard is a tool which is useful for a wide range of projects where a project management element is required - whether that is a small scale development project or a huge physical project. The reason for this is that it is very scalar and provides components over general project management oversight and quality control, Scrum and Kanban which can be plugged together like a jigsaw to create the best structure suited to your own project.

You can choose a full PRINCE-style top-level structure to manage start-to-end documented procedures, a cut down version, or simply create a token top level project description. Within each section, you can create separate Kanban boards to manage progress, handing off completion of stories in their entirety or as combinations and structures into a following stage, or simply use a single Kanban board to management your smaller project.


Esferico have taken ProjectBoard's internal status as an opportunity to update the application to the latest releases of Database and Development Language.

ProjectBoard is currently seeing system updates and testing - full public release is due Nov / Dec 2020.