New Features

Every time we add new features to Mystic, we'll give you a a detailed overview of what we have added.

Take a look here to see the most recent.


Under Construction

Time does not stand still here at Esferico, and there are always things under development for the Mystic application.

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Recent Changes and Fixes

If you want a quick update on what has been fixed or changed recently, remember you can use the [Info] > [About] menu item to see the most recent Release Notes for the current version of Mystic.

Navigate to previous versions for anything that you missed!

The Crow's Nest

Something does not seem to be working that should? Have a suggestion or request for something new? Use the Crow's Nest on the [Info] menu to tell us!

The Crow's Nest works just like a forum - you communicate with us, and see what other users have added as well!

Feature Profile

Every so often we highlight a feature of Mystic which you may not know is there - some are simple, some more powerful.

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Need Support?

There are two different levels of support for the Mystic application. Which one you contact depends on what you need.


Welcome to Mystic

Welcome to the Mystic splash page - current and immediate news from the Mystic environment, You can close this page as normal at any time, and control when and whether it opens from the [Info] > [Splash] menu. This page is also available externally to Mystic via the Esferico website.