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If you need help using Mystic, it is always good to know who to go to and when.

There are actually two levels of support - one that you will use on any normal, everyday basis; and hopefully one that you will only need to go to when you need something special.

Your annual support payment is split between these two types - to your provider for procedural support, and to Esferico for the more technical support and also to improve the product in an ongoing manner. Whenever there is an upgrade, you get it automatically - there are no additional fees to pay.


1st Line Support - Procedural Issues

Your 1st point of contact in nearly all support issues will usually be the organisation who arranged for your Mystic license in the first instance - what we usually call 'the provider'. For schools and colleges, your provider is usually the school library service (SLS) or similar organisation who provide these services. For specialist library environments, this may also be an SLS but may also be Esferico itself in very special cases.

1st Line Support is often what we call 'procedural' support - How do I do this? Can I get more training? Can you help me with a particular library function (whether it is within Mystic, or a physical need)? Your provider normally has a lot experience in running library environments, and can provide far more than just support for Mystic.

You will have been provided contact telephone numbers, email and websites addresses by your provider and each will naturally be different.


2nd Line Support - Technical Issues

Hopefully, you will need 2nd Line Support far less often - we usually call this 'Technical Support' and is provided by Esferico itself. Technical support mainly refers to when you need to do things that are either far less frequent, are more technical in nature, where there is some sort of fault with data or the application is not doing what you expect it to from your past experience. We also do one-off things that you may only do once a year and where it might simply be faster and more efficient to get us to do it rather than go through a long winded training process.

Saying that, you would normally want to report any issues like this to your 1st line support in any case. They are responsible for providing assistance to you and even if they can't help and need to 'put it up the line' to Esferico, they need to know that you have a support issue so that they can monitor it. If something gets fixed for you, it is a good idea for them to know about it in case they also need to fix it for someone else.

The best way to report technical issues is either via your 1st line support provider, or now by The Crow's Nest - particular good for observations and requests for change.


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