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First introduced: 19th February 2020 - V1.0.4.55

MysticAIR is a new, secondary means by which a reader of member of staff can login to the Mystic online library management system, and displays an extremely slim-line view of available functions accessible from a pull-out menu in the top right hand of the screen. MysticAIR is also intended (ultimately) for use on mobile tablets and browsers where the traditional window arrangement is cumbersome.

MysticAIR does away with the need to possess a username, password and library code, and instead uses a one-off registration code (an 'invite') provided to a reader or staff member by the librarian. The first time an attempt is made to login using MysticAIR, this invite is entered and an encrypted key is placed onto that computer which matches a record in the central Mystic database. From this point on, simply clicking the MysticAIR login button on the main Mystic screen will allow access to a range of authorised functions rather than the full Mystic environment.

MysticAIR is intended to be expanded in the near future, based upon end-user consultation. At this present time, MysticAIR supports Catalogue Searching and Circulation of items (Issue & Return).


Mystic Splash Page

First Introduced 12th February 2020 - V1.0.4.51

The Mystic Splash Page has been introduced so that Mystic users can keep up to speed with things that are happening the world of Mystic users. You can take a quick look each time you log on, or you can switch off automatic-display and take a look only when you want to by using the [Splash Page] menu option under [Info].

On first release, the Splash Page is really all about providing up to date information about changes to the system. As time goes on, we may also expand the page to include things that are happening around the client base, include Mystic related articles for everyday users as well as some more technical articles for IT Support staff, and general discussions regarding what is happening in libraries and education in general.


The Crow's Nest

First Introduced: 9th February 2020 - v1.0.4r50

The Crow's Nest was finally released in Early February 2020. The Crow's Nest is essentially an observation point where clients can tell both us and SLS providers about things that are happening in their system above the need for simple procedural requests (e.g. How to I issue a book?), or to log what we call 'Requests for Change' - wish-list requests for new features or changes to existing features.

Unlike telephone calls and emails, The Crow's Nest provides a central location where everyone in the system - support providers and end-users alike - can see what is going on and get advice and experience based tips for issues that they are experiencing but which are already known and in hand.

The Crow's Nest is accessible from the main [Info] menu to anyone on your Mystic system who has been given a basic access to the staff [Tools] menu.

In its most basic form, it is similar to the search facility, mixed with a mobile telephone SMS, and a traditional internet forum.

Enter search phrases and click [Search] to look through all posts in the system, click [Follow] to see posts that you are already following, or click [Clients] (only if you are a support provider) to see any posts added by end-users and which you are supporting.

Once you have results on the screen, double-click the entry to see the main details of the observation report, and any conversation that is ongoing regarding its resolution.


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