Pergamon Mystic, which some will know of as the Pergamon Cloud, is the internet-based version of the Pergamon suite of Library Management Systems (LMS).

Pergamon Mystic brings together all of the other versions of Pergamon into a single, on-line experience where the capabilities of your environment are purely controlled by your license choice (e.g. primary school, secondary school, further or higher education, corporate training etc.) and individual choices within your user account. In order to use Mystic, all you need is a modern Internet Browser and an always-on internet connection (so even older, lighter-powered computers will work). 

Mystic as an application runs on our central servers and your data¹ is stored in a secure, regularly backed-up data store using military grade encryption. There is no local setup, no local storage or installation complexities, and you can always be assured of using the most recent, up-to-date version of the software available, and direct sight of your data by your support provider².

Current and future users of the desktop Pergamon products can transfer to Pergamon Mystic in any current year of support fee coverage for no extra cost³ if desirable. This can be done directly from the Mystic login screen without the need for Esferico involvement.

¹ As with all Pergamon products, Esferico lays no claim to your data. In any event which leads you to leave the Pergamon family, Esferico always guarantee that we will provide you with a no-questions-asked export of your data for easy transfer elsewhere after production of a written request (for data-security and legal purposes, ensuring only the correct recipients possess the data).

² Esferico in the case of technical issues, but more likely your SLS in the case of procedural issues. Transfer to Pergamon Mystic is the clients own choice - there are no forced or incentivised measures in place for clients to transfer, and all versions of the Pergamon Desktop applications are current and ongoing.

³ From the next anniversary of the support fee date, the support fee chargeable for Mystic will apply reflecting the change in nature of the product.