The Pergamon range of products utilises a single-installation, multiple client level approach to deliver as appropriate a functional experience as possible to the organisation, while at the same time allowing the ability to scale up or down the product range without changing the installed software.

While The Pergamon Mu license is currently shipping to primary schools, it is mainly the license key which determins the features and functionality that are available, but also very importantly the way in which those features are provided. At the primary school level Pergamon Mu focuses strongly on the graphically oriented OPAC front-end while providing a streamlined, stripped down set of dialogs within the management logins suitable for the actual rather than perceived needs of a primary school environment.

As we move up through the license scale, the management dialogs become more capable and encompassing of the traditional librarian expectation, adding entire new tabs, dialogs and functional feature areas.

Whichever license level you choose or need, Pergamon is not skimping and has no hidden costs. Appropriate Import1 and Export, reporting, support, upgrades and functionality range are all included in the single purchase / support costs.

1Note that by necessity, this does not include the cost of sourced data which is often provided by third-parties.