Pergamon Mu is the first release in the Pergamon Library Management system series of applications, concentrating mainly of Primary School level library operations and organisations that need a similar level of streamlined reader and cataloguing control. This level of Pergamon additionally provides the ability for a certain level of responsibility to be handed to student assistants and volunteers who utilise OPAC based front-end controls to perform management tasks usually reserved for managerial users.


Pergamon Mu has streamlined access to:

  • Readship
  • Catalogue
  • Circulation
  • Reporting
  • Import and Export

Circulations is also accessible from the comprehensive search facilities available on OPAC for suitably authorised assistant and volunteer users.

Added Value

While the main functionality provides all of the areas required to run your library environment, the way in which it is done adds value to the experience. All Pergamon applications additionally provide managerial users with control of manager user accounts, administration level functions such as lookup-tables, theme selection, and a built-in support ticket system connecting directly to the Pergamon Hub central support system.