Esferico Ltd. finally came together as a formal company in 2005 to carry on the work of software developers working in information management, but also other more specialised niches. Over the course of nearly 30 years, our developers had worked on products utilised by local and central government and the military, in education and education administration at all levels, major banks and building societies, law firms and major corporations such as medical and chemical companies.

It is also true to say that some of our products have been used from the very formation of those clients, through to their final closure - our Medic multi-media library management application for example, was used by the British Defence Film Library continually for 25 years before their closure in 2017.

Today, Esferico utilises the experience of developers who have been in the business for over 30 years, and who in some cases began their development career before they even started secondary school. The company generally uses Agile development methodology in cross-platform graphic environments, so that we can develop quickly and efficiently and for all of the major platforms simultaneously - we have a policy, especially in this age of changing preferences regarding what is on a desktop - that no-one should be in a position where they can not access our product range.

Pergamon Mu is part of a range of products under the Pergamon banner which sees our return to the mainstream library management world. Released formally in March 2017, it is the culmination of over a decade of planning and gradual development of the range. Already, the signs are strong that it is going to make a major impact in its market place.

Key Staff

Craig Robinson PgDip BSc (Hons.) PGCE CITP MBCS MSET

Craig Robinson's first experience in software development within the professional world was in the development of security systems for what is now the Ministry of Justice. After leaving central government, Craig formed several software development companies some of which created products for the library and information management industries and which became some of the top products in their market places.

In 2004, Craig returned to education as both a student and educator as a break from a hectic software development period and it is during this time that plans were made for what would become the Pergamon range of products. Over a very short period of time, Craig reinforced industry experience with graduate and post-graduate degrees in both Computing and Design.

Today, as well as being a Chartered IT Professional (software developer) and a member of the ELITE industry steering group of the Chartered Institure of IT, and the founder and principle software developer at Esferico ltd., he is also a qualified teacher. While having taught KS2 and 3 (he is currently converting his qualification to a full QTLS via SET), FE and still teaches Film Making to Primary school pupils at a local school in Medway, his principle teaching role is in Computing and Software Development for University of Kent courses delivered at a new specialist HE facility at the local college, and most recently, Craig has developed a Data Science Apprenticeship for a local University.

Craig's specialities are in Software Development, Systems Analysis and Design using Agile techniques, Database Design and Development, the construction and management of Intranet servers and hosting, and in IT Management, Law and Ethics.

In his spare time (he has any?), Craig is an enthusiastic film maker. While principally in the non-commercial world, he is currently going through yet another level 6/7 post-graduate degree with Raindance / Staffordshire University and regularly submits to film festivals. Recently, he has also started to pass on his knowledge at Primary school film making classes and through the Pauline Quirke Academy in Dartford to pupils ranging from 6 to 18.

Naturally, with this background and range of roles, Craig always holds an Enhanced DBS Certificate, validated by both Medway and Kent Councils.



Veronica Plerigo Troncoso

Veronica is a native of Galicia is North-West Spain, a very different Spain than that which most people think of. On the Atlantic coast, it is a warm and green region but with freezing waters, and the home of a strong Celtic background and bag-pipe playing which is more akin to Ireland, Scotland and Northumberland than what is thought of by most British holiday makers.

Veronica holds the Spanish equivalent of the ACCA degree in Accounting and is therefore, quite logically our finance officer. She is also however, a part-time database designer and analyst, as well as being responsible for our international sales in Europe, speaking Gallego, Spanish, French and English and with a good working knowledge of both Portuguese and Italian. Veronica has worked for large international building firms, internet providers and even the BBC in her finance roles.

In her spare time, Veronica is an active Girl Guides assistant leader as well as an officially licensed Child Chaperone - as such, like all of our staff, she has an Enhanced DBS Certificate validated by Medway and Kent Councils.