BISON LogoAt long last, BISON (v1.0x) is ready to be release and will be hitting the streets from the 1st week in July. A replacement for all current importers and support utilities, including SIMSImporter, PetersImporter, UKMarc and others, BISON provides a heavy-weight utility that allows you to perform background administration of your Pergamon database. 

BISON's features include:

  • Dynamic Reader and Item import / update facilities for both delimited and fixed-width text files.
  • Auto-detecting MARC import facilities.
  • Saving of presets and templates for common files, including ready-made presets for common providers such as SIMS and Peters.
  • Bulk reader group management for academic end-of-year changes not provided by file.
  • Introduction of the Pergamon Package Management system for grouping and tracking of entire segments of the catalogue.
  • Receipt and return features for inter-library packages, such as SLS book boxes.
  • Stock check management.

BISON is available to School Library Services from Monday 2nd July, with access for school clients soon afterwards.


Barham Court'Tis approaching the season to be jolly... to celebrate we have decided to release our new website in conjunction with moving into our beautiful new home at Barham Court, just outside Maidstone in Kent.

Barham Court is full of history. It was once the home of Reginal Fitz Usre, one of the infamous knights who murdered Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral in the 12th Century. Later, it was sacked by the New Model Army during the civil war because it was the home of devout Royalists, and was one of the indirect causes of the Battle of Maidstone.

Today, I think that you will agree that it must be one of the most beautiful office spaces that we could have been lucky enough to find.


Combined OPAC

Past library management designs require several applications: some small, some large and some ridiculuously huge for the job that they do. Pergamon combines it all into one with a combined OPAC system.


Cross Platform

Esferico utilise a constant cross-platform philosophy in developing our products: clients should not have to be at a disadvantage just because they have chosen to use a different operating system to everybody else.



Pergamon supports military grade encrypted standalone, intra- and internet based networked RDBMS databases out of the box using internationally SQL standards with ever-expanding reporting options.


Ease of Use

The Pergamon range of products utilises a single-installation, multiple level approach to deliver a functional experience, while at the same time allowing the ability to scale the product range...