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Friday, September 22, 2017
"Distributed and supported by your own SLS - that's a seal of approval"

Pergamon Mu

After nearly a decade away, Esferico returns to its origins in force with the release of a new line of library management systems.

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Pergamon Mu Features
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Easy of use, Feature Full

A Scalar design from user-interface to functionality intended for skilled librarians to willing volunteers, while catering for typical, foreign language and disabled users.

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Cross Platform

Do you use Windows, Mac OS or Linux? Doesn't matter - everyone is catered for with Esferico products. Using a single code-base, we support one and all simultaneously.

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Combined OPAC

With a design incorporating both a front end OPAC and a full library management facilty controlled by a staff login, Pergamon Mu is a single, solid composite product allowing full management from anywhere in your school.

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Database Compatability

Connect to local conventional or encrypted standalone databases, or to larger networked database servers like PostgreSQL and MySQL to create sizeable networks of Pergamon users.

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About Us

Esferico ltd.

Perhaps you've never heard of us - well that's understandable. We started to provide special niche services some time ago and had a break from bulk sales. But now we're back...

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Key Staff

Esferico's activities revolves around a number of key staff, bringing in skilled developers when needed yet also supporting the next generation of IT specialists.

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